Scoter Harvest Pack

New Boot! Alpha Mudlite
5 and 7 milscent control

Many Decoys!

Pro Grade Harvest Pack

Light Tan, Brown and Olive Green

A Variety of Calls
including Duck Commander, Zink Calls, Foiles Migrators, Naughty by Nature, Nightmare of Stage, Call of Death, Money Maker and many more!

Pro Grade Life-Size Black Duck Harvest Pack
Fukles Dax Calls
A Variety of Bullets!
00624: Floating Blind Bag – Shadow Grass00174: Cooler 24pk – Lined Shadow Grass00524: Floating Gun Case – Shadow Grass00528: Floating Gun Case – Break Up

90004: Marsh Foot Attachment

90003: 3 in 1 Waterfowler’s Paddle Attachment

90006: TracLoc Push Pole-10′-3 sec.

47303: Killer Weed – Layout Blind Kit -All Terrain

47305: Killer Weed – Layout Blind Kit -Gold Harvest

47203: Killer Weed – Boat Blind Kit -All Terrain

1454: Power Hunter Blind – Shadow Grass

01456: Power Hunter Blind – Field Khaki

02000: ATB Training Bumper – Mallard

00153: 6-Slot Duck Decoy Bag – Shadow Grass

00152: 6-Slot Decoy Tote Bag – Khaki

00154: 12-Slot Duck Decoy Bag – Shadow Grass

00156: 12-Slot Decoy Tote Bag – Khaki

90318: Decoy Retriever -18″

93012: Decoy Retriever – 12″

71530: Canada Goose Flag

01504: Ground Force Blind – Shadow Grass

*01506: Ground Force Blind – Khaki

71031: Life Size Pintails 12pk.

Over Size Canada Shells – 12 Pack Flocked Heads & 24″ Motion Steaks71085: Life Size Canada Floaters – Active Style Flocked Heads 4pk.71436: Pro Grade Canada Goose w/ RMB Feeder71406: Pro Grade Canada Goose FB Rester w/ Real Feet

71416,: Pro Grade Canada Goose FB Sleeper w/ Real Feet

71426: Pro Grade Canada Goose FB Harvester Pk. (3 feeders, 2 active, 1 looker)

71636: FFD Canada FB Feed w/ RMB & 6 Slot Bag

71173: Life Size Snow Goose FB Active 6pk.

71163: Life Size Snow Goose FB Feeder 6pk.

71003: Life Size Series Mallards 12pk.

71035: Life Size Series Wood Ducks 6pk.

71021: Life Size Green Winged Teal 6pk.

71013: Over Size Series Mallard 6pk.

71032: Over Size Series Pintail 6pk.

71015: Over Size Series Black Ducks 6pk.

71000: Over Size Mallard Feeder Butts 2pk.

70806: Over Size Active Full Body Black Ducks 4pk.

70001: Hot Buy Standard Mallards 12pk.

71048: Over Size Buffleheads 6pk.

*71043: Life Size Series Wigeons 6pk.